Mineralogy and Petrology

The aim of the postgraduate program for Geosciences (Mineralogy and Petrology) is to train personnel to master’s and doctoral level so that they are qualified for relevant academic and professional activities and to update professionals in fields related to geosciences. It is the only program of its kind in Brazil that has trained and continues to train researchers who become prominent members of higher studies institutions in Brazil and abroad, and professionals who make their mark in state-owned and private companies.

Research activities are grouped into two areas of concentration – Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology and General, Analytical, and Applied Mineralogy – covering a wide spectrum of topics related to petrology, mineralogy, metallogenesis, analytical geochemistry and geoheritage.

The Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology area brings together lines of research in Geology, Petrology, and Metallogenesis in Igneous Provinces, and Lithospheric Evolution, in which 6 research projects are being conducted, and Geology, Petrology, Metallogenesis, and Evolution of Metamorphic Belts, with 3 projects. The Mineralogy area covers General, Analytical, and Applied Mineralogy, Natural and Built Geological Heritage, and Geoconservation, with 5 specific projects. The individual and/or major projects conducted include the collaboration of various research institutions in Brazil and abroad, and address various cutting-edge topics in mineralogy and petrology.

The master’s course provides advanced training by means of well-organized specific disciplines as well as specialized bibliography and intensive laboratory work, while the doctoral course allows students to develop with mastery topics ranging from classical to groundbreaking in mineralogy, petrology, and analytical geochemistry, which are explored with the support of the excellent analytical infrastructure available.