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Download OpenStereo

Here you can download OpenStereo, as Windows binaries or as python sources (works on any platform).


The windows binaries are self-contained, that is, you don't need anything else installed to run it. There is no installation necessary. You can run it from your flash drive if you want.


IF you want to run it from the source code, OpenStereo requires Python, wxPython, Numpy and Matplotlib installed in the system. We recommend installing PythonXY or the Enthought Python Distribution on MS-Windows and MacOS machines, since all dependencies are provided. Most Linux distributions provide an easy way to install all dependencies through software repositories (on Fedora, you may need to install python-matplotlib-wx).

To run OpenStereo just unpack the compressed file and run Openstereo.exe (Windows binaries) or (source code)


NOTE: We recommend all to upgrade to version 0.1.2f!


New on this version: some bugfixes with matplotlib, now OpenStereo will 'remember' the location of the last opened file, and now you can open and display fault data (planes/slickensides). No paleostress calculation yet, but soon!


Windows binaries (version 0.1.2f)

Python source code (version 0.1.2f)


Icons! These icons were gently made by José A. Álvarez-Gómez (Universidad de Cantabria, Spain)




Stereonets in PDF. For printing and using on your field trips, classes, thesis, etc.







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