The CCint/IGc

International Cooperation Committee for the Institute of Geo-Sciences

The goals of the CCInt/IGc-USP in the Unit

CCInt/IGc-USP is focused on settling agreements with foreign universities, disclosing, encouraging, and coordinating International Programs within the Unit. Therefore, it gives support to the Dean’s Board in matters pertinent to the faculty’s international relations; assists the Dean, the Academic Bodies and Departments, Departmental and Inter-Departmental Centers concerning the International Cooperation area; coordinates troubleshooting related to implementing cooperation agreements by means of setting up managing activities within the competent organs in the sense of carrying out the agreements proposed; and, last but not least, it studies and suggests measures that aim to improve the faculty’s international relations.

Moreover, the CCInt/IGc-USP guides students interested in taking academic activities abroad by recommending the accredited foreign institutions and presenting the application conditions and selection for traineeships abroad. Besides, it provides institutional support to foreign students during the exchange-program period in the Institute.

The Institute believes in the importance of an international experience for an academic life, and that the contact with other educational, cultural, and economic realities will make all the difference in a curriculum and professional career.

With the purpose of opening new frontiers, enhancing the students’ employment perspectives when returning to their home countries, and fostering the enrichment of a student’s cultural repertoire and personal experience, the CCInt/IGc-USP, thus, supports and provides all the necessary assistance to those who go out for a life overseas and those who come from other countries.

IGc-USP International Relations Committee

Prof. Paulo César Boggiani

Prof. Ginaldo Ademar da Cruz Campanha

Prof. Renato Paes de Almeida