IGc Students


The International Programs with scholarships are disclosed by CCInt/IGs-USP and can be designed for students enrolled at undergraduate or graduate studies of the Unit, depending on the number of vacancies available. Opportunities for exchange programs for Degree in Geo-Sciences and Geology are widely disclosed in the e-mail, Facebook, and this site. Should you be interested, you should always read the announcements carefully and follow the steps listed in them.

Reading the announcements attentively is essential for the progress of the process since they contain the time limits for application and presentation of documents, the lists of the accredited universities, the necessary documents, and the required proficiency tests, among other important information. A careless reading may hinder or even prevent its continuity.

Exchange programs without scholarships can be carried out with a professor’s recommendation through research or need for a traineeship in another country. However, it is necessary that a study plan should be designed and submitted in advance at CCInt/IGc-USP and be developed only at an USP-accredited university.