GCRF Project – PDRA recruitment in Brazil


POST TITLE: Post-Doctoral Research Associate

RESPONSIBLE TO: Reginaldo Bertolo (Institute of Geosciences – University of Sao Paulo) and Tannaz Pak (School of Computing, Engineering and Digital Technologies. Teesside University)

The purpose of post:

The main job role is related to help with delivering the GRUN project which is funded through GCRF QR entitled: “Towards the first implementation of groundwater remediation using nanotechnology in Brazil – Delivering new policies and designing the first pilot-scale case study”. The focus of this international collaborative project is on bringing together representatives from key industries, governmental agencies, and academia to prepare a plan and a technical design for (i) implementing the first pilot-scale nanoremediation case study in Brazil, and (ii) evaluating its effect on public health.

During the lifetime of the post the post holder will be working with Prof. Reginaldo Bertolo and Dr Tannaz Pak.


  1. To take the lead role in co-ordinating and delivering technical research and development work related to the GRUN project.
  2. To work with project partners, organise meetings, and record/share communications effectively.
  3. Work with Brazilian industrial partners, visit sites, review site descriptions/documentations, perform data processing, experiments and modelling as required by the project.
  4. To communicate with Brazilian policy makers specifically the environmental agency of Sao Paulo regarding the development of new policies required for nanoremediation in Brazil.
  5. To publish research output in high impact journals. To take a role in the dissemination and coordination of research activities.
  6. Adhere to Health and Safety Policy and guidelines.
  7. Adhere to the highest standards of ethical and professional behaviour.
  8. Any other reasonable duties that may be allocated from time to time.

The post holder will undertake research which will contribute to managing groundwater resources in Brazil.


Post: Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Institute of Geosciences – University of Sao Paulo

School/Department: School of Computing, Engineering and Digital Technologies, Teesside University

Competency:Skill, knowledge or responsibility:Essential/ DesirableMeasured by:
Knowledge and experience

Level: PhD degree environmental /chemical/petroleum Engineering with relevant technical, professional or specialist knowledge to carry out the role.
Specific to the role: Knowledge of groundwater systems

Application form Certificates Interview References
Analysis and researchLevel: Engage in high level research Analysis of complex research ideas Can apply existing methodology according to the overall context
Specific to role: Previously worked on relevant research projects as a member of a team, including collaborators and industrial partners


Application form Interview Presentation Publications
Oral and written communicationAbility to convey complex information or ideas of detailed technical or specialist nature both in English and PortugueseEApplication form Interview Presentation Publications
Planning and organising resourcesPlan, prioritise and organise the research/resources to achieve agreed objectives.EApplication form Interview References
Teamwork and motivationRequired to be self-directed, supportive and encouraging of others in a team. Required to be an operational team leader and ready to travel internationally as appropriate.EApplication form Interview References
Liaison and networkingLiaise with people and participate in networks internally and externally, as required, to ensure good dissemination of research activities and facilitate collaborative work.EApplication form Interview References

Those interested in the position should send an email to Reginaldo Bertolo (bertolo@usp.br) and Tannaz Pak  (t.pak@tees.ac.uk), presenting a resume and personal contact details.